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Core Business

Core Business

Business Preparation

Effectively Lead the Owners to Make the Most Effective Decision

"Preparatory work is the foundation of the construction of hotel industry". Through practical tests to the establishment of a professional form system, we eliminate unnecessary personnel costs and redundant work processes to avoid serious mistakes in subsequent operation and management. We have the experience of introducing the operation process of the famous Japanese Hotel "ABBA RESORTS IZU", and have accumulated solid practical experiences; therefore, we are able to tailor-make perfect operation function frameworks according to the needs of hotel owners through professional STP market segmentation and brand positioning evaluation, while making high-quality products which retain the local cultural and natural environment characteristics with market competitiveness and representativeness.

Interior Decoration
IT system Planning
Online Booking
Official Website
Organization Planning
Service Positioning and Planning
Integrated Marketing


Integrate All Professional Fields, and Provide the Best Scheme for the Hotel Owners via "Consulting Marketing"

"Brand marketing is an important key to maintain the long-term development of a brand". With professional and mature marketing experience, revenue management tools and resource integration, we assist the hotel owners in aiming at the target market and formulate accurate marketing strategies to effectively achieve long-term operation goals.


1.Brand Positioning

✦ Market positioning and marketing consulting
✦ STP market segmentation and positioning
✦ SWOT analysis

2.Brand Image Packaging

✦ CIS planning and design of enterprise identification
✦ Image and public relations building
✦ Establishment of the enterprise official website
✦ Brand propaganda writing

3.Digital Marketing

✦ Internet multimedia marketing
✦ Search engine marketing
✦ Website and search engine optimization
✦ Community and blog marketing

4.Marketing Strategy Planning

✦ Product line planning
✦ Brand promotion and communication strategy planning
✦ Advertising budgeting and procurement
✦ Overall implementation of public relations activities and media strategies
✦ Planning and implementation of opening activities

5.Integrated Virtual and Physical Marketing

✦ Physical activities to lead traffic to the official website
✦ Official websites and community websites to lead people to physical stores
✦ Integration of virtual and physical cross-industry resources for all-round marketing and promotion

Marketing Strategy Planning

Complete the Business System through Professional Guidance

From the establishment of the business model and the management team organization system, and from hardware facilities to software services, we provide one-stop complete service chain to improve hotel owners' ability of coordination and maintenance of operation.


  • ✦ Hotel/resort architecture, landscape and garden design
  • ✦ Hotel/resort software and hardware planning, preparation, opening, operation management consulting and execution guidance
  • ✦ Planning and implementation of hotel management system
  • ✦ Guest room and catering business planning and assessment
  • ✦ Establishment of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and working guidelines for all departments of the hotel
  • ✦ Hotel human resources preparation and training
  • ✦ Planning and technical guidance for hotel equipment and wealth generating appliances
  • ✦ Hotel operation diagnosis, analysis and management guidance
  • ✦ Purchase, lease, resale and merger of leisure industry
  • ✦ Service process planning
  • ✦ Market positioning and marketing consulting
  • ✦ International hotel assessment
  • ✦ International hotel management and advisory services

Professional Execution

Maximizing Operating Performance to Achieve Optimal Profitability and Asset Value

We assist the hotel owners in optimizing business management projects and market competitiveness. We have a group of professional consultants with rich experience in the international market and unique vision who can achieve the goal of reducing costs and improving returns, and bring maximum benefits to investment plans and achieve expected financial goals. With the advantage of a multi-professional alliance system, we integrate resources and channel structures to help the owners to enjoy multiple resources.

Service Items

Research on hotel, restaurant, club and other leisure industry markets

✦ International and domestic market research analysis
✦ Investment benefit evaluation consulting service
✦ Investment project reconstruction and evaluation planning

Negotiation services for cooperation

✦ Intermediary services for leisure property trading
✦ Assistance in finding joint-investment and management targets
✦ Evaluation and negotiation of international hotel chain cooperation
✦ Hotel M&A and price negotiation

M&A and franchise service

✦ Investor relations establishment and maintenance
✦ Provision of franchise market data analysis and plans
✦ Negotiation of merger, acquisition or franchise of possible bids at home and abroad
✦ Merger and integration of leisure industry objects
✦ Franchise system establishment and training

Operation report writing

✦ Feasibility evaluation report on cooperation of domestic and foreign chain leisure systems
✦ Analysis report on M&A in the leisure industry

Consulting and Operation Management

Attention to Details for Experience Accumulation and Quality Improvement to Obtain Maximum Operating Performance

Hotel management requires high professionalism. ABBA RESORTS has a group of experienced professional consultants as well as international hotel operation and management experience, and can put forward effective suggestions, introduce multiple resources, and absorb new knowledge of hotel management at home and abroad to develop unique and perfect management system for professional consultants to provide consulting, and guide the hotel owners to update the information in order to comply with international standards. We provide services based on the three principles: "global customer perspective", "owner's perspective", and "attention to process details", to tailor sophisticate business operation and financial management processes for the owners, and give clear and detailed service requirements to continuously improve the quality and performance of operations. We also draw up standard operating procedures that are easy for the implementing unit to assist the owners in reducing overall management costs and obtaining the best return on investment.

Service Items

  • ✦ Entrusted operation and franchise
  • ✦ Establishment of complete business plans and marketing plans
  • ✦ Financial budgeting during operation period, analysis reporting, and system and process setting
  • ✦ Sales plan and implementation measures for advertising, planning and promotion
  • ✦ Establishment of the organizational structure and human resource allocation and control of hotels, resorts and clubs
  • ✦ Planning and design of various regulations and management systems required for the business site
  • ✦ Control and management of service quality
  • ✦ Human resources and employee capability training and improvement
  • ✦ Execution of operation reports, statements and operational processes
  • ✦ Effective business management improvement and investment return evaluation
  • ✦ Management diagnosis, analysis and management guidance

Service Flowchart

Analyze project model

✦ Analysis of laws and regulations
✦ Analysis of conditions of the base
✦ Analysis of conditions of the site
✦ Comprehensive market analysis

Business model setting

Draft project plan

✦ Decision discussion

Select project direction

✦ Operation analysis
✦ Market analysis
✦ Competitor analysis
✦ Product analysis
✦ Initial financial benefit analysis
✦ Partner interview
✦ SWOT analysis

Business feasibility analysis

Propose most suitable solution

Plan development concept

✦ Consulting on planning, coordination and recommendation

Form project team

✦ Establishment of business consulting team

Operation and management

Select project direction

✦ Comprehensive market analysis
✦ Analysis of conditions of the site
✦ Analysis of laws and regulations
✦ Recommendation of design and planning
✦ Financial investment analysis
✦ Business development strategy

Construction idea setting

Draft project plan

✦ Decision discussion

Master Plan

✦ Business analysis
✦ Market analysis
✦ Competition analysis
✦ Product analysis
✦ Financial benefit analysis
✦ Pre-interview of merchants
✦ SWOT analysis

Construction design and business execution

Propose most suitable solution

Complete business plan for development planning

✦ Merchant solicitation and execution
✦ Consulting on planning and coordination


✦ Establishment of business management team

Operation and management